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Samantha Peach

Beeeeeep beep!

Beeeeeep beep!

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So, last night I went to work for....... dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn: 2 hours! Oh my! I get paid tonight, I'm sure this will be the largest paycheck EVER!! [/sarcasm]

I got my progress report yesterday.....
Health: 100
Adv. Art: 100
Physics: 91
Statistics: 86
Computer Science: 94
AP English: 91
Spanish 4: no grade because she "didn't have time." Uh... okay, Señora Loredo... lol.
and... I do Talent Search, which I passed. P.S. Talent Search isn't a talent contest, lol. They help you apply to colleges and stuff like that XD.

Well... what else, what else?

Tomorrow is Fright at the Fort (the first night) and I am going to be a vampire! I hope I have enough white face paint for 3 nights! I'll try and take pictures of my costume........ blar.

Well... adios.

Oh, and guess what?
6 days until my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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